Gambling Law, Litigation, & Policy

We help gamblers, their families, estates, legislators, policymakers and regulators.

Gambling Problems have legal solutions.


- We listen carefully to your concerns and
  analyze them within the framework of the
  law to identify possible claims or defenses.

- We research the legal issues.

- We consult with knowledgable experts.

- We attempt to amicably resolve your claims,
   or claims you are forced to defend.

- If we believe your cause has merit we may
  litigate your claims or defenses, and we may
  appeal an adverse decision. 

 - We sue for the recovery of funds wagered at
   defective or fraudulent gaming devices.

-  We sue for injuries, death or damages 
    caused by gambling operators.

-  We sue for negligence, intentional infliction
   of emotional distress, racketeering, breach
   of warranty, breach of contract.

-  We seek an outcome that you find acceptable
   and the vindication that restores you.


We can help you identify concerns which you may regulate in interest of the public health, safety and welfare. 

Simply delegating regulation of gambling to political appointees of a 'gaming commission" doesn't assure that  your legislative intent will be implemented.   The regulation of modern gaming requires extensive technical know-how, and special expertise.  With billions of dollars at stake you cannot underestimate the loopholes in your legislation which may lead to wholesale fraud and misrepresentation.   You must structure basic protections in certain terms, and must also oversee and police the regulation of gaming by your gaming commission.  You must endow your regulatory agency with the authority and wherewithall to recruit a highly trained staff in sufficient numbers to effectively discharge their responsibilities. 


For Gaming Commissions

We are available to consult with those jurisdictions genuinely interested in regulating gambling so that it is fair and transparent, as objective good faith require to the end that your citizens and visitors are not manipulated by illusory warranties of statutorily mandated fairness which you are incapable of enforcing.  We can assist you in framing your budgetary requests so that you can recruit and retain a highly qualified staff capable of identifying, analyzing and pursuing violations by your gaming industry and vendors.

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