Gambling Law, Litigation, & Policy

We help gamblers, their families, estates, legislators, policymakers and regulators.

Gambling Problems have legal solutions.

We sue casinos to recover losses, to void markers, for fraud, misrepresenations, malfunctions, cheating, injuries, gambling driven suicide, and otherwise. We sue gaming regulators who fail to perform their regulatory duties. We sue gambling debt collectors. We represent gamblers, their families and their estates in death cases.

We understand that gambling is for now, here to stay. In an effort to address the unfairness inherent in modern gambling operations we ask courts to interpret, construe, uphold and in certain cases strike down gaming related law.  Only if gaming activites are lawfully and fairly undertaken can the public be protected from theivery and the public fisc legitimately benefit.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.


Electronic Gambling Devices (EGDs) include slot machines, video poker, touchscreen slot, lotteries and the internet.  Each of these forms of gambling employ computer hardware and software to conduct wagering activity.  A wager is a contract.  Implicit in all contracts is the warranty of good faith.  This warranty can be found in the UCC as well as in common law.  Good faith means objective fairness.  Fairness means not acting in a manner to deceive, conceal the truth, to misrepresent, to defraud, cheat or steal.

The illegal gambling enterprise act 18 U.S.C. 1955 makes a federal crime of certain state law gambling offenses.  The gambler is usually viewed as a victim of the crime.  State law includes not only statutes, but the common law, case decisions and state regulations.   Violations of gaming law may result in civil liability, criminal liability, and the loss of a gaming license. 

In additon to assisting those damaged by unlawful casino operations we are available to assist legislators, lobbyists, public policy formulators and gaming regulators.
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